Getting Mobile with ERP

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) operates as an enterprise management software application that provides a business with the ability to capitalize on a single synchronized platform to maximize their functionality. From payroll and marketing efforts to productive development, human resources and financing, ERP software connects your business seamlessly. Mobile phones too have become an important component […]

Manage Complex Businesses Easily

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Creating A Better Management System Complicated businesses require organization to get things done. As small businesses become largely they always become more complex. This is not a bad thing, it just means that the business owners have to be better prepared for the challenges ahead. Sometimes this means getting some tools together that can help […]

Seeing A Project In Visual Form

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Visualizing a project is what successful managers do with the work that they have waiting to be done. They realize that if they can view what they need to get done, then they have a much better chance of actually getting the work done. After all, it is a lot more difficult to get things […]

Managing The Business You Want

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The business you want and the business you have are perhaps two different things in some circumstances. The best way to get from point A to point B is to use tools that can help you get there. Visual management systems are one such tool to get to that point. Looking At Where The Work […]

Finding the Solution for Future Performance Today

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Improving your business starts with reducing the inefficiency in your workflow. Specifically, you want to cut the time needed within production to meet stated goals and by extension reduce the time it takes to get the product from your group to the customer. One of the best systems designed for doing this is the Kanban […]

All You Need To Know About Visual Management System

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Visual management system is an important tool that can help boost productivity across all departments of your organization. It is especially important if the projects your employees have to complete are complex and require them to often shift their focus and reevaluate their priorities. Visual management system can also help the management team. If you […]

The Power of Collaborative Sales Using Visual Management Tools

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Today, marketing teams enjoy the ability to harness visual management solutions to encourage collaborative sales. This power promises to transform many industries in the near future. Team Power Many progressive companies stress collaborative effort as one way to reinforce individual talent. Unfortunately, for generations, sales often remained a rather isolated activity. It’s a rule of […]

The Startup That Is Making Waves

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There is one startup that is certainly making a big splash in the visual management tool market at the moment. This company is known as Leankor, and they have created something that the people love. In fact, it has generated so much attention that the investors are flying in to pay money to be a […]